I’ve watched a few episodes of I am Cait. If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s Caitlyn Jenner’s reality series. Recently on the show, a group of transgender women have been on a road trip of sorts and each person shares her story along the way. It’s fascinating. On Sunday’s episode, amidst an important conversation about gender confirmation surgery, Caitlin made coffee.
I tried to see what else was in the fridge, hard to say
She reaches into her fridge, it’s a pretty/glass front type, and pulls out a bag of coffee (I paused it about a dozen times and I’m fairly certain it was Starbucks Christmas Blend).  And despite the voiceover in Caitlin’s slightly slurry accent about the touchy topic of surgery, I was thinking about coffee. Should I be storing my coffee in the fridge? I took to Safari on my phone and started to investigate.
I quickly realized Caitlin was wrong. Seriouscoffee.com says, “the fridge is not the place to store coffee of any form.” Pact coffee explains,  “you want to protect coffee from air, moisture, heat and light “I’m happy to say I am protecting my coffee from all four. However, the National Coffee Association (NCAUSA) says clear containers are to be avoided- oops. I do have my clear container but it’s in the cabinet so I’m thinking I’m safe. I know storing ground coffee isn’t ideal but I can’t do the daily grind thing. And in case you think the freezer is ok, it isn’t the place for coffee you’re taking in and out of the freezer each morning. You can freeze for long-term coffee storage.
via Pact Coffee, yes- my coffee is happy!
There is an exception to the fridge/coffee rule. Coffee can neutralize fridge odors. So if you’ve ruined your current coffee refrigerating it. Empty coffee grounds into a bowl, place on one of the fridge shelves and it’ll remove stinkiness. 
Where do you store your coffee? Do you grind beans daily? Watch I am Cait?


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