We’re not going to make you change your lifestyle to fit our food plan. Our food plan has to fit your lifestyle.

Foodtrainers was created by Lauren Slayton M.S., R.D. Since 2001, we’ve seen thousands of clients in private nutrition sessions at our New York City offices. Our clients are busy and motivated individuals who rely on us for accountability and guidance. They feel at their best when they’re actively taking care of themselves. And we all deserve to feel our best.

In addition to one on one sessions, our Foodstalking program provides ultimate accountability with daily check ins. We also work with companies and organizations giving talks or serving as spokespeople.

We know wellness isn’t just about nutrition education, it also involves preparation. To take care of some of the prep work, we have curated a small shop where you can find delicious snacks and other nutrition essentials. You can shop at your sessions, or have products couriered or shipped to your home or office.


“Just to let you know I have officially lost 20lbs since committing to Foodstalking!  And I’m doing it while still dabbling in tasting menus and an occasional bottle of wine. You guys are life changing!”

“Thank you! Your book has finally moved the scale for me on this post-menopausal body. I am a 52 year old mom; I have hated being the chubby mom. Your book inspired me to quit the diet pop, and plan.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for giving my husband the guidance to help him take better care of himself. Well-intentioned nagging from me was never a potent motivator and I knew sending him to Foodtrainers was what he needed. He’s lost 17 pounds in the last few months but beyond that he is really motivated in general. He’s not drinking my kale/spinach/etc concoctions in the morning, but we’ll work on that.”

“I am a successful dentist, but have never been completely in control of my eating habits.  I finally feel like I am driving the bus.”

“Hi!  Thanks for all your help leading up to Chile. You helped us win the bronze medal, which is the first-ever medal for the over-35 USA soccer team.”

“Please write another book with more recipes. I want to continue to make my kids think I can cook. Thank you for your passion.”

“I noticed today while I was walking that my inner thighs don’t rub together anymore. Just wanted to say thanks.”


Are you wondering what Foodtrainers and foodtraining is all about? Take the plunge, tap into your true potential and become a Foodtrainers’ client today.



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