Chili Lime Cashews

$24.00 $21.60

These are our favorite new spring travel snack. They are slow roasted in coconut oil with chili and lime leaves. Not too spicy and not too sweet. Pro Tip: These cashews come 2 servings/bag, and we don't want you to over-nut. Make sure you pack your nutcase and use it to portion.

2 servings per pack

4 packs per order

Ingredients: premium roasted cashews, fresh lime leaves, fresh chilies, fresh garlic, sea salt, sugar and coconut oil


2 reviews for Chili Lime Cashews

  1. cmklock

    Deliciously mild with a little bite. Very satisfying as a late afternoon snack.

  2. Flannery (verified owner)

    Love these. A whisper sweet with lil bite of spice. Delicious.

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