Keeko Mint Oil Pulling Sachets


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There's one aspect of your health you may be overlooking and that's your oral health. Oral health is important as it can prevent bacteria, fungi, and viruses from traveling from your mouth to the rest of your body. Good oral health can translate into good overall health.

These handy sachets are for oil pulling. Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic practice of swishing oil around the mouth. The oil binds to the bad bacteria and "pulls' it out of your mouth. Coconut oil, found in these sachets, has anti-viral properties. The result of this practice is whiter teeth, better breath, and boosting your immunity. Most of the oil pulling research comes from India and shows pulling superior to other forms of oral care. You should still brush and floss but oil pulling is a key addition.

These simple sachets are perfectly portioned and easy to swish around your mouth AM or PM. Oil pull daily if you can, we tend to do it on the weekends. And remember you MUST spit the oil out after pulling, please don't swallow it.

Keeko sachets are a combination of certified organic cold-pressed coconut oil, lemon, chamomile, myrrh, peppermint, and spearmint oils.


14 sachets per bag.


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