Foodtrainers’ New Year’s Squeeze


Our next Squeeze will be January 2020! We'd love for you to join us.

The Squeeze is Foodtrainers' ultimate wellness week (January 21-27th, immediately following MLK). You can call it a reset, reboot or jumpstart. It’s the most efficient way to feel your best, while establishing habits you can continue afterward. Squeeze includes daily feedback and support from your Foodtrainer, a rulebook with recipes and access to a private Facebook group with other Squeezers. Our "Squeeze Essentials" product bundle is shipped straight to your door.

Clear your calendar and take a week to focus on yourself and not your endless to-do list or stressors. Speaking of stressors, if you feel you spend too much time agonizing over what to eat or how you look, let us quiet that noise.

Past Squeezers say:
I’m so much more confident, in control of my food choices
I’m refocused, debloated and I shed 5 lbs
This structure and simplicity was just what I needed.
Now I can turn 40, considering I now feel (and look?) 35
Ding dong the after-dinner witch is dead, I learned to “close the kitchen”
I’m leaner, energized and getting compliments on my skin.
Eliminated the occasional pizza, fries and candy, yes!
I feel accomplished, healthy and happy!

The January 2020 Squeeze will run from Jaunary 21-27.

Space is limited so that we can offer 1 on 1 feedback and guidance.

*Non-US customers, please email us before signing up, &

*All Squeeze programs are non-refundable and non-transferable.


1 review for Foodtrainers’ New Year’s Squeeze

  1. Mindy Fleder

    It’s a great way to reset your metabolism and lose weight and feel great while and after the week or 2 of squeezing . It’s energizing! You learn that bring hungry is ok and you get through it . We actually don’t need all the food we consume . Looking forward to the next squeeze !!

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