The Little Book of Thin

A Little Bit of Praise

Just had to tell you that I got your book yesterday. Just amazing! Love how you add humor but oh such great info. Everything that I know is wrong you bring up and make it real.

I have completed the book and am empowered. The Little Book of Thin is my second favorite book after the Bible! I am at the end of week three of following the 10 steps to svelte. I have lost 6lbs. I am taking the vitamin D3 and the omega 3 everyday. Thank you for writing such an informative, practical book.

I just wanted to say that I read LBT at the beginning of January and did a complete overhaul of my eating (and in turn, my boyfriend’s—although he definitely sneaks bagels and pizza when I’m not home). I’ve been following everything in the book to a T and I’ve never felt better.

I’m already through the 10 steps and I’m really impressed — it’s all smart and succinct — something I feel like I can actually do. Sometimes, we just need someone to spell it out for us, and you do a wonderful job of that, mixing a friendly tone with good advice and science. Honestly, I’m not looking to lose much weight, but would love to just be healthier and have more energy.

So my mom gets your book, proceeds to follow ALL of your advice and has lost 8 pounds. She’s been cooking with quinoa and sprinkling hemp seeds and making your recipes. She ordered e-boost and and miso. She’s totally on board with your plan, even using the treadmill to break a sweat instead of just going for a walk. How great, right?

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