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There is such a thing as a quick fix! Our one-week Foodtrainers' Fix program provides an excellent jumpstart or reboot, after which you’ll be better able to tackle long-term habits. This January Fix will run from 1/23/2023 to 1/29/2023.

Here's what to expect:

  • Prior to starting, you’ll receive rules for the week, a sample day of eating, a select new recipes & suggested supplements/secret weapons for the week ahead.
  • Every morning (Monday through Sunday), you’ll receive a tip of the day and your Daily Deets food log template.
  • Every night by 8pm you’ll fill in your “Daily Deets” and email it back to us. With your tip on days 2-7, we will provide personalized feedback on your deets. After day 1 you’ll receive feedback on your log, along with your tip.
  • While we can’t spill all the secrets the Fix program is no sugar, no booze, no grains. It’s an accelerated form of our regular Foodstalking program.

After the 7 days you’ll feel accomplished, in control with increased energy and a slew of new habits for the new year.

Or, to quote participants, from our most recent program:

“I am so very appreciative of all your help this week. I couldn’t have gotten to the place I am now (mentally and physically…in just a week!) without you getting my mindset right and my ass in gear 🙂 "

“Having your encouragement (and watchful eye) this week helped me more than anything and I couldn’t be more appreciative.”

" Feeling Back. On. Track. Lol. But seriously - Accomplished. Focused. Lighter!!"

    *All Fix sales are final.


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