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When you’re looking to form a daily habit, it’s important to have the right tools. When starting to run, you need sneakers. OR, if you want to meditate, apps or a meditation pillow are helpful. Well…if you want a daily tea ritual, you need our teasome.

You’ll get our noveltea cup - the easiest way to use loose tea. And over a month’s worth of our new, favorite green tea. By the time you finish the jar, you'll have a new, healthy daily ritual.

Now you can get these two products at a discount. Our teasome includes:

Unexpected Fling Organic Green Tea
A fling is defined as a short period of enjoyment and wild behavior. And yes, tea is about as wild as we get. Green tea is one of our favorite secret weapons as it is metabolism boosting and an upper. But unlike coffee, green tea is an upper sans jitters. You’ve also likely heard the term polyphenols. Green tea contains the polyphenol EGCG, which is believed to provide most of its health benefits. A few of the studied benefits include improved cardiovascular health, skin protection and enhanced weight loss. But not everyone loves the taste of green tea. The rose and cherry in this tea has converted many green tea haters.

Contains 36 servings of tea

Foodtrainers® Novel-TEA Tilted Tea Cup
You probably know, we are tea fanatics and live by our electric tea kettles. Loose-leaf teas are generally more potent and less processed, but a massive mess to DIY bag and clean up. Enter, our novel-TEA cups. Simply add tea, pour hot water, strain, steep, and toss. We swear, it’s so simple, even kids can do it.


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