I Noticed Lady Gaga’s Belly and Moved On

I missed Lady Gaga’s halftime show live. While I was busy filling my belly at Shaya in New Orleans (heavenly hummus and halloumi), others were tweeting about Gaga’s belly. I didn’t know about the belly or belly commentary until yesterday (the day...

Are you “well” read?

 Over Christmas break I received the following message:Would you consider doing a post about what your twitter feed looks like or what you wake up and read immediately–a day in the reading life of Lauren?The closing of this message included a postscript,...

Tweet it Don’t Eat it

Summer is pretty much one big food and beverage booby-trap. From the time you wake up caloric coffee concoctions and super sweet smoothies call your name. Later in the day, friends, having been confined to offices and apartments for months, want to go to lunch and...


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