Summer’s here, and it’s the perfect time for us to delve into the challenges that this season brings to our wellness routines. We’ve all been there: Late dinners, extra social events, an abundance of unique summer treats, and drinks. And trust us, we’ve got the secret weapon solutions to these seasonal challenges!


Late Summer Dinners: Let’s start with how to navigate those tasty but late dinners. We’re firm believers in a minimum of 12 hours food-free, and black coffee can be your ally in maintaining this fast. Remember, though, it must be black coffee to keep you in that fasted state.

Excessive Sweating and Overeating after Outdoor Workouts: Intense summer workouts can cause excessive sweating and overeating. We recommend using electrolytes (we love brands like Element, Body Bio, and Redmond Real Salt’s Relight) to improve mood, hydration, and overall well-being.

Alcohol and Wellness: Who doesn’t love a cocktail by the poolside? But remember, alcohol can deplete B vitamins, impacting your hormones, PMS, energy levels, and more. Our B-Sane supplement is just the thing you need. We also suggest green tea (especially cold brew), histamine capsules, NAC (N-acetylcysteine), and digestive enzymes to handle those alcohol effects.

Summer Constipation: Hydration, raspberries (high in fiber), olive oil, MCT oil, avocado oil – these are your friends when it comes to combating summer constipation. Don’t forget to try our “number two” magnesium oxide pills, digestive enzymes, and our probiotic supplement “Gut C”.

Skin Issues in Warm Weather: Want to keep your skin glowing all summer? Try collagen smoothies and our new collagen product. Also, cacao is great for reducing sun damage. We’re also big fans of our Decade Eraser supplement and Sea Buckthorn (both capsule and topical forms) for skin health.

Bloating (or as we like to call it, “pooch”): Dealing with bloating just days before a big event? No worries, you can manage this. Avoid bloating foods, start your day with black coffee, eggs with avocado, or a collagen smoothie. Add detox drops, ACV, or lemon in water to your morning routine. Include parsley in your lunch, and end the day with an olive oil shot, fish and vegetables (like our turmeric salmon sheet pan recipe!). Stay proactive and keep your cool. Remember: Lean protein, eggs, avocado, parsley, ginger, lemon, ACV, dandelion, and detox brew are your de-bloating day essentials.

Wrap up your day with some sweat-inducing exercise, sauna, or foam rolling.

Enjoy your summer, friends! We promise you, these foods and supplements are easy to find. And we’d love to hear your own experiences and tips, so don’t forget to share.


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