Are meat substitutes worse than meat?

For today’s post I asked Melissa (@MarketMelissa) to talk meat substitutes. Melissa conducts our Market Foodtraining tours on various topics including “Vegetarian Foodtraining.” While I am not a vegetarian, I do believe there are major issues with...

Market Foodtraining: Bright Sides

This is a guest post by Melissa O’Shea aka Market Melissa It’s already November which means Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. I never understood the logic behind using this day to gorge ourselves with lots of fatty food. Maybe it is because I am a...

Not That Kind

I love ribs, bacon and roasted chicken. Though I probably have the first 2 items a few times a year, I enjoy them thoroughly when I eat them. I have a hard time saying “never” to foods. I believe most of us should eat less animal protein and better quality animal...


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