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Yes, we realize our subject line mentions both indulging and cutting yourself off but we’re big fans of a time and place for everything. If your summer is full of bbq’s, beaches, and/or a little too much booze, our September Squeeze is designed for you. We are hearing a lot of “I need to clean up my act”, so let us clean up your act via some September structure.

Foodtrainers’ September Squeeze will be a 7-day jump start providing post-summer structure and accountability. As always, we will have daily check-ins, a fresh bunch of secret weapons, and recipes for you.

Prior participants say “I feel clean and lean”, “you killed my sugar cravings”, and ‘I am a whole new person!”. We’d love to help you.

Dates: Monday, Sept. 11 – Sunday, Sept 17
To purchase your week with an optional bundle of our favorite Squeeze Secret Weapons, click here.


Our Must Try Ice Creams

Since it’s still summer, ice cream’s time is now. But even with frozen treats, we have high standards. To make our cut, our favorites have:

  • Ingredients we can endorse
  • 10 grams or less of sugar
  • Legit deliciousness.

This treat triple crown isn’t easy to achieve. We’ve scoured the freezer aisles and compiled our must-taste top treats.

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Luna + Larry’s Coconut Bliss Naked Coconut Pop: our office taste test winner (and there were some losers), this isn’t brand new but it truly is BLISS. Have it as an afternoon snack, guilt free.

Nadamoo!: a non-dairy treat that can compete. Lauren’s a mint chip aficionado and this made the cut. Only regret? Nada mucho left. We also loved the birthday cake flavor.

Image result for smooze

Smooze: these coconut cuties are both kid and adult approved, with only 70 cal per pop, low sugar and cool flavors.

Image result for halo top peanut butter

Halo top: just because it tells you that you CAN eat the whole pint doesn’t mean you have to. We’ll give a special shout out to the peanut butter cup. If you don’t want to polish off a pint, that’s a tricky one to try.

Image result for almond dream

Almond Dream Bites: Bon-Bon fanatics, these are for you. Stick to 10 almond dream bites and you’re within our sugar limits.

Image result for pressed juicery vanilla freeze

Pressed Juicery Vanilla Freeze: out and about in NYC/LA? We suggest popping into Pressed Juicery and giving a vanilla freeze a try. Cacao drizzle, not so optional.

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Lifeway Kefir pops: a new way to ‘pop’ your probiotic, Lifeway brings these cute coconut pops with 10 live and active cultures We’ll be popping on the regular.

Image result for ruby rockets

Ruby Rockets Galaxy Green Pops: these seemed like a surprise favorite, but then we remembered that Ruby Rockets have avocado as their first ingredient. They taste kind of like a frozen green juice, but majorly yummy. For only 35 calories, these are out of this Galaxy.

Image result for blue majik ice cream

DIY Blue Majik Ice Cream: I scream, you scream, you will LOVE this blue ice cream.

Have a delicious and healthy end of summer. And if you do over-indulge, we’re here to Squeeze you in September. Sign up today.



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