Every year, around this time, I attend the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo organized by the American Dietetic Association. Part of the conference involves seminars on various topics in nutrition, the other part is the expo. The expo is a giant, generally subterranean, windowless room filled with booths. The booths are run by food companies, big and small, virtuous and questionable. This year’s conference is in Boston. In between lectures, my friend Keri and I headed to the Expo Hall checking out the offerings. The whole process reminds me of trick or treating for nutritionists. There are some trick or treaters who want to gather as much as they can. Others survey the “candy” selecting only their favorite treats. After all these years, I am selective. I take samples from a few companies and taste a couple of items. Here are some of my favorite finds from FNCE this year:

 Mary’s Gone Cookies

The company behind the crunchy, gluten free crackers we love now makes a cookie. The cookies are also gluten free; they also have chia seeds and quinoa in them I tried the ginger and oatmeal and preferred the oatmeal. These are a great snack or a breakfast option.

 Sweet Leaf Liquid Stevia
Sweet Leaf makes stevia packets that are good for coffee or tea. I was excited to see Sweet Leaf Liqiud in interesting flavors such as English Toffee and Hazelnut. These work in oatmeal, yogurt or coffee drinks. The flavorings used are all natural.


Guayaki makes yerba mate, a caffeinated drink from a South American plant. Their yerba mate comes in tea bags, bottled drinks and a 35 calorie organic energy shot that contains ginger and goji berries. Guayaki is great before a workout or mid morning.

GG Scandinavian Bran Fiber Sprinkles
GG crackers have been a Foodtrainers’ favorite for years. They’re high in fiber and low in calories and a great bread stand in. GG now makes “sprinkles” a crumbled version of their crackers perfect in yogurt, mixed into a salad in blended in a smoothie for added fiber. We will be adding these to our Open Sky store.

Mu “measure up” Bowl

Regardless of what we eat, portions are important. Taking out measuring cups at 7am is more than I can handle so I loved finding these all-in-one bowls. There are subtle lines indication varying amounts on the inside of these bowls. Finally your serving can match what’s suggested on the package.

So I came, I tasted and I’m ready to head home.
Were you at FNCE, what were your favorite finds? If you weren’t any favorite new food finds? Any of these you’d like to try?


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