In this episode, we open up a conversation on the impact of parents’ comments and attitudes towards their children’s body image, self-esteem, and relationship with food. We’re here to remind you that you’re not alone in dealing with this struggle and it’s never too late to unpack and work through these issues.

Our listeners share their experiences of how negative comments about their bodies have left lasting effects on their self-perception and mental health. We discuss the role of cultural ideals and upbringing in shaping body image, and the importance of breaking toxic inner dialogues.

We highlight the resilience of those who have faced these challenges and have managed to find self-acceptance, healthier attitudes towards their bodies, and a more positive relationship with food. It’s important to understand that these comments are not a reflection of your worth or appearance, but stem from your parents’ own insecurities.

Join us as we explore the power of acknowledging the source of these comments and the journey towards fostering healthier relationships with our bodies, food, and self-esteem. Let’s break the cycle of negativity and promote positive change.

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