Are you familiar with Max Goldberg or since we’re all know by our handles Living Maxwell? If you’re passionate about healthy food and juicing he has a  great feature Pressed Organic Juice Directory, he’s curated juicing locations in different states, even in different countries. Max is also a great resource, I follow his tweets and posts as I find he’s always manages to locate information I have yet to hear (legitmate information). 
He interviewed me for the Juice Directory. I do a lot of these Q/As and I really felt this was fun and worthy of the repost. Here’s  portion of the piece below, the rest can be found here
Why do you juice?
I’ll admit a couple ulterior motives for juicing others may not have mentioned (or admitted). I juice because it makes me feel nutritionally virtuous – getting so many nutrients into a couple of cups – and I also juice because it helps me successfully use up the farm box.
But juicing energizes me and my workouts, and helps debloat me when necessary. And I swear that any compliments I get on my skin have more to do with juice than topical products (although I love Joanna Vargas’daily serum which she refers to as “green juice for your skin”).
Tell me about your juicing lifestyle?
I was a “smoother” before I was a juicer and still alternate between green smoothies and juices. Although there are some common “players”, I feel juicing is where I’m most creative. With cooking, I’m more of a recipe girl but for juices I feel there’s really no messing up. Either the Vitamix or the juicer get action daily.
Do you have a juicing habit that no one knows about?
Ooh you mean a juice secret (or juicy secret)? Hmmm – pretty much everyone I know or e-know hears about my juices since I Instagram them constantly. If there are ingredients that I find are secret weapons, those would be coconut, fresh herbs and fresh turmeric. My best-kept juice secret, the “bikini greenie”, is in The Little Book of Thin’s pre-beach chapter (rude and annoying to mention and make readers wait, I know).

What is one of your favorite pressed organic juices?
Ooh can I name two? I adore both Jalapina from Organic Avenue and Swan Greens from One Lucky Duck.
How has your juicing evolved over the years?
My juices are less sweet and more interesting, but greens, lemon, and ginger will always be staples. Some things don’t change.
What kind of juicer do you have at home and how often do you make it?
I have a Breville. I know some purists will say this juice gets “heated” but you know what? I love it!
What are the biggest mistakes people make when juicing?
Too much fruit. We don’t need more fruit juice in our lives. I suggest 1 fruit (excluding lemon/lime) per juice.
What are your thoughts on juice cleanses?
I love juice/clean food cleanses like The Squeeze and Not Just a Juice Cleanse from Pure Food and Wine.
What are your best tips for staying healthy when traveling?Arm yourself. We have a Food First Aid Kit that we send clients away with and a Nutcase to bring Foodtraining abroad. There’s a tonic for every travel trap from the minibar to vacation-constipation. I also find seeking out juice shops is a great way to locate the healthy folks in town.
Do you seek out juice when you travel? Do you juice at home? What are your favorite ingredients? What type of juice do you have?


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