Back in January, a friend forwarded me one of those chain emails.  While I delete most of these poems and puzzles, there is one type I like or am a sucker for. I like the questionnaires that asks crucial questions such as “coffee or tea?” or “best meal you’ve ever had”.  The email I received from a friend  was entitled “BUCKET LIST” and the instructions were to simply place an X next to all the things you’ve done. Items ranged from “danced like on one was watching” to “watched the sunrise with someone.”
My friend A*, always out to improve things, wrote back with her answers, and said, “I think there should be an add-on, five things not on the list you would have on your bucket list.  I don’t want to divulge her list (though she can if she leaves a comment) but two items resonated with me. One was “hike Machu Picchu” and the other “feel really good in a bikini.” I had the idea a Body Bucket list but have sat on it for months unsure what my five body “add ons” would be and somehow nervous that I had to pinpoint the right items. I’m over my hesitation but do not be surprised if I edit these items at a later date. I’m all for goal setting and challenges (remember how much I love resolutions).
Before I kick the bucket or my window of opportunity closes I’d like to:
1.     Run an Ultra marathon. I’ve run half marathons and marathons. While I’d love to run the Boston marathon one day, the new qualifying times make that unlikely. I have no triathlon dreams but I can run and enjoy it. Ultra marathons vary in length all the way up to 100 miles. I think I could do it…slowly.
2.     Bungee jump or sky dive– while neither of these really depend on my body per se, I’d like to do one or both of them. I am not a risk taker by nature but I like the idea of controlled risk.
3.     Train for and hike something important– I passed on an opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro this year. Marc and I thought about it but the time spent away from the boys (and work) didn’t seem feasible. I like A’s idea of Machu Picchu too and we penciled it in for our 40th birthdays (years and years from now).
4.     Get back on a bike– Marc is training for a tri and said to me “do you know how to ride a bike? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you ride?” I met Marc in 94’ but I don’t think I’ve been on a bike since summer camp. The truth is I was never, even as a child, much of a bike rider. I do know how! I’m going to buy a bike and start riding and will let you know if there’s truth to “it’s just like riding a bike” we’ll see.
5.     Get in the best shape possible– A’s “feel really good in a bikini” resonated with me. I’m not someone with real weight loss aspirations. My weight is pretty stable; I wear a small clothing size and do wear bikinis (though I spend more time with a cover up on, I’m a cover-upper).  I’ve been in marathon shape, I’ve been skinny but I don’t feel I’ve been in the best shape I can be in.  My boys are away at camp for seven weeks this summer. Who knows? Maybe I’ll cross this item off my list.

 Are there any items on my body bucket list you’ve already done? What would be on your body bucket list? Do you have 5 items? 
*A. has appeared on this blog before, she’s a great idea person and jokingly referred to herself as my blog muse. 


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