Dreaming of owning one of these 
Tell me you’ve heard of Story. I thought the word is out but I still come across many people who don’t know about it. I describe story as a rotating pop-up but it isn’t a pop up in that it doesn’t pop down (that made no sense).  Every month or so the entire inventory of the shop changes based on a theme. If you haven’t been, you really should check it out before the Feel Good Story closes on February 28th.
Story teamed up with Cigna to help New Year’s resolutions come to life. Carolyn and I were lucky enough to attend a breakfast at the store. The store is divided into sections. There was a food section with curated snacks and cookbooks.
I spy moon juice goodies
Technology also figures prominently in the offerings. The piece de resistance was clearly Cigna’s meditation pod. And I must apologize to Cigna. Prior to the event, I hadn’t given Cigna much thought. However, as we chatted up the Cigna folks, we learned how cutting edge (yup Cigna is cool!) the company is when it comes to health and wellness. I mean….

It’s very random found this noteworthy candle that I’ve been enjoying ever since. If you like smoky scents this one is for you. I like the black surface too.

We weren’t there to shop but I couldn’t resist, see candle?


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