Evolve Truffles, our #1 this year

I apologize. I know many loyal Foodtrainers’ blog readers are single and Valentines Day is especially annoying with the hearts, the love, the whole thing. I’m married so who am I to complain about the day of love, right? Monday, we sent out our February Chocolate Newsletter and I was in the office talking about the week’s schedule with Carolyn and up popped this on my screen.
I’m going to take the boys to the Rangers/Islanders game on the 14th, is that Valentine’s Day? Have an extra ticket, let’s all go.
Let’s dissect. A loving father sees two New York hockey teams are playing each other next week. He plans to take his children and perhaps one of their friends to the game. He starts to enter it in his calendar and has a strange feeling something else is happening that day. He has four tickets and reasons that inviting his wife solves any potential conflict. Plus, in his male mind, is there really anything more Valentiney than Madison Square Garden, beer and beer? After many years together, I can totally laugh at this but let’s be clear I’m not going to the game. When I posted this on FB a friend suggested a spa night but I have a better idea. Chocolate Night. Let me tell you who’s invited.
Numi Chocolate Pu Erh Tea
Pu Erh tea is a fermented black tea that has been shown to improve weight loss.  Numi infuses their pu erh with cocoa taking “healthy chocolate” to a whole new level. And Numi wanted one of you to sip this tasty tea too, more on that below.
These truffles are gluten free, soy free and dairy free. They are also low calorie with two approximately 100 calories but that’s not the whole story.  The co-creators of Evolve truffles started making them as an experiment and let me tell you, they are a home run. They are insanely delicious with flavors ranging from coconut to bacon (nitrate free, not to worry). If I were presented these as a gift, I would change my thoughts on Valentines day. Feeling unloved? Evolve has generously offered a $25 gift card for one of our readers.
Sun Warrior Chocolate Protein
I am a smoothieholic and this is one of my favorite ingredients. It’s not your run of the mill protein powder. It’s raw, vegan and also non-GMO and soy free (very important when it comes to protein powders). I love to blend Sun Warrior with homemade almond milk, fresh mint, kale and avocado. Vitamix romance at its best.
Dark Chocolate Kind Bar
Perhaps you know about Kind bars but did you know a handful of their bars have less than 5 grams of sugar? I’m crushing on their Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan bar. These treats may be the only reason to go to Starbucks.

Cocoa Pili Nuts

A client brought these back from a trip to Asia and I was swooning from the first bite. Pili nuts are super nutritious loaded with magnesium and omega 3s and taste similar to macadamias. To top it off they’re dusted with cocoa. No more boring almonds, these are are heavenly.
So, whether you’re single or married or somewhere in between, whether you love Love Day or hate it chocolate (good, dark, high quality) never lets you down. One lucky reader will receive a Chocolate Care Package with each of these treats. To enter comment below and tweet about chocolate love @Foodtrainers by Sunday February 10th.
 And get this. When I joked to the boys about the hockey game my younger son looked at me and said “I’m not going”. I asked why not and he said “I’m going to stay with you on Valentines Day”. Love.
Are you a Valentines Day lover or hater? What will you do on Thursday?And what about chocolate? What’s your favorite healthy chocolate?


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