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I’m sure a good number of you are away as you read this. If you’re not, take comfort in the fact that you have access to your kitchen, your usual workouts, and your routine. Yes, sure I know some of the “fun” of being away is getting away from all of that but there is a downside. We spend a lot of time in Vermont (where I am right now). Last week, our good friends spent the week before Christmas up here. I received the following text from my friend:
I’m in full on VT mode: fat, hirsute and very bad hair. I have no idea what’s going on in the world and have adjusted to shopping at a 7 eleven. We’ll be up here for New Years; I can’t go out at home given my current state.
My friend was kidding, sort of kidding. The difference from prior years where we all commiserated about the color the well water turns our hair, how forgiving leggings and a giant sweater seem to be and the fact that skiing, when you do it all the time, isn’t really that good of a workout was that I was still in NYC. I had the opportunity to take charge and prevent “VT mode.”
Cooler and then some– I pack a mean cooler for any road trip but for a week in Vermont it was filled to the rim. Sadly, my new pretty stainless steel cooler has no wheels, so my husband had to hoist it from apartment to car and car to house. Ski eating is protein heavy so I packed an array of greens, cauliflower, broccoli, multiple avocados, probiotics and also omega 3 eggs, grass-fed meat and Siggis plain yogurt. Instead of bringing booze and ingredients for festive drinks for our “guests” I kept things to organic red and white wine. As I made balsamic roasted cauliflower and a huge salad last night, I felt as though I was winning the healthy versus heavy battle- round one to Lauren.
Scale– I have never travelled with a scale and sometimes curse hotels when they include them in the bathrooms. The thing is, despite exercise and eating well somehow something happens in this state and I come back feeling resolution-worthy. And lest you think it’s a female or spoiled thing my husband, knowing the “Vermont effect”, supported the precautionary measures. So the scale came in the car and I will get on it daily. I mentioned this on Twitter and received this reply
@Foodtrainers nuts to travel with a scale when you exercise and know what to eat. Slippery slope to a disorder IMO.
IMO (In my opinion) not having the scale is a “slippery slope” to gaining a couple of pounds after a week on the slippery slopes of Vermont despite exercise and eating well. I appreciated this tweeps concern.
Magnifying Mirror– it’s so easy to forego make-up, throw on a hat and go about your day here. You can’t see errant eyebrow hair behind ski goggles but eventually the goggles come off. So, after the hirsute admission from my friend, in the suitcase (only an LL Bean tote, not so big) went the magnifying mirror.
If this sounds extreme, not to worry there will be wine and cheese and I get the “when in Rome” mentality; however, we’re not in Rome. I can have any of these foods any weekend and, for me, getting home feeling good is a “treat”.  I would rather curb the enthusiasm by watching and tweezing that to adopt the ignorance is bliss mentality. I’m all for bringing any part of your routine with you if it makes you feel good.
Have you traveled with any of the items mentioned above? What food or items do you tote to temper the treats? Do you think I’m cautious or crazy? 


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