We’ve covered the weight loss supplement Garcinia Cambogia before but its popularity has only soared despite receiving a “step away” in our Yay? Or Step Away (YOSA) criteria. I spoke with CBS about garcinia. I had to beg the reporter not to purchase the supplement before our interview. She had been “testimonialed” by all the online hype.

So, what the hell is this thing with the weird name?
Garcinia Cambogia is a weight loss supplement derived from the rind of a tropical fruit; in terms of Google searches it’s the most popular weight loss supplement in the world.
How does it work OR how do supplement companies say it works?
The rind of the fruit contains something called HCA (hydroxycitric acid) which allegedly decreases appetite and fat storage.
Sounds good right? Well not exactly
I have a few concerns:
 First, there are many garcnia “cocktails” on shelves (this is not the good kind of cocktail) where garcinia is mixed with other questionable ingredients. Second,it’s a mixed bag when it comes to results from research. Some studies show impressive weight loss while many others so no effect On average garcinia provides is 2 pounds more weight loss than a placebo if that.
OK so it may not work but is it dangerous?
Dizziness is a very common side effect. Anyone thinking of taking this supplement should know it caused testicular atrophy in mice.
Is it tested by FDA?
Unlike meds, the FDA doesn’t regulate supplement dosages
ConsumerLab.com, an independent company that tests the quality and safety of health products, examined 11 of the most popular garcinia cambogia supplements. More than half of brands contained far less hydroxycitric acid (HCA)—the plant’s alleged weight-loss component—than was listed on the bottle. In fact, one garcinia cambogia supplement contained just 16% of its advertised HCA. 
I wouldn’t recommend it and especially not for pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant (or men who would like to keep their testicles as they are.
 Have you heard of garcinia cambogia? Do you know anyone who takes it? Have they checked their  you-know-whats lately?


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