Yesterday, a client walked in for her session and the first thing out of her mouth was “what do you think of Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss?” The truth is, I had some thoughts on her massive weight loss but diplomatically deflected asking my client what she thought. She said “she was this seemingly confidently curvy woman and then lost all this weight.” I joked and compared it to a person who gives the impression they love their large nose and then has a nose job. It leaves you thinking perhaps they didn’t love it as much as they said they did.

I did a little google-ing and found that many people are happy for Jennifer, they think she looks great, are impressed with her weight loss post pregnancy and generally wish her well. There is though, along the lines of what my client mentioned, this undercurrent that she was a “real woman” before and “real women have breasts and curves.” This logic would categorize me as not especially real and I don’t necessarily subscribe to bigger or curvier being better. I can understand though how Jennifer before appeared she was not trying to fit a mold and Jennifer now seems molded. Sure, Jennifer doesn’t have an obligation to larger women to stay heavy, she isn’t the pudgy poster child but I think I wanted to believe she was “happy at any size” even if she is probably healthier now.

I also can’t help but connect the tragedy Jennifer experienced and her weight loss. This is complete speculation but in my experience, grief and loss often has one of two effects on weight. Either people turn to food for comfort, to numb some of the pain or they control their food. Perhaps Jennifer, though a Weight Watchers spokesperson, is exercising control of her food after life seemed so out of control. If that’s the case let’s watch out for too much weight watching, if you know what I mean.

Finally, and I know I am going to get myself in a little trouble here and that’s ok,is it terrible to say that some people look better heavier? We can look at Star Jones and now at Jennifer Hudson and if I had to be superficial and choose before or after, I would go with before. Shoot me.
What do you think of Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss? Do you tend to overeat or under eat when emotionally stressed? And do you think some people look better heavier?


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