I didn’t plan on posting this week. I f igured I’d store up some ideas (and calories) for all that January-ness. Then I saw a page I had ripped out of People (in my bathroom, hey last TMI for 2014 too, why not).  I will take a photo of the clipping but you’ll be relieved to know I’m not typing this from the bathroom nor have I ever typed there. Anyway, this article featured the ever-adorable Drew Barrymore. The title was something like “losing weight on her own terms”  and the gist of the piece was that Drew immersed herself in her new baby, continued to eat what she wanted when she wanted etc etc. It was patting Drew on the back for not caring or not caring too much. But you know what happened? Yup, sure enough Drew eventually cared and hired Tracy Anderson who I happened to catch on the Insider suggesting we workout 7 days a week.
Then there’s Oprah (another one of my favorites). A friend of mine happened to tape something with O recently. She remarked how relaxed she was, barefoot on the set that kind of thing. She also said “she’ll never lose weight again. She’s fat and happy.” I hadn’t inquired about her weight but it seems with Oprah it’s always a topic. A few weeks later I watched Barbara Walter’s 10 Most Intriguing People special. How intriguing is it that Barbara is still at it in her 80s? And really, nobody does it like Barbara. Barbara asked Oprah “is there anything you still want to do?” Or maybe it was “what’s on your bucket list?” Oprah’s so spiritual I expected something with the words path or journey in her answer. No. You know what she said? “I have to make peace with this whole weight thing.” So much for fat and happy.
There are times we cannot think about our eating or our weight. And yes, there are people who rarely think about it (and that’s rare) but usually what happens is we get to a point where there’s more peace of mind when we’re actively trying to be healthy then when we pretend we don’t care and then we make changes. And that’s what January is for.
What do you think about the whole “I don’t care about my weight or size” statements? Is that true for some? Have you ever felt that way? 


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