We do our fair share of gabbing about green juice, popping probiotics and ingesting almonds (raw, sprouted, organic). But we’re not one lane ladies (nope). We like healthy and indulgent, detoxing and yes, re-toxing too.

EAT. PLAY. ROSÉ is our new summer motto and this is our new Foodtrainers reusable tote bag. No more boring (ugly) bags.

Fill it with travel snacks, beach reading, farmer’s market goodies or… a few bottles of rosé for your weekend host.

Order your tote today.

What We’re Packing

Lauren lugs her ACV (apple cider vinegar) or Fire Cider, hot sauce packets, Organic Raw Sprouted Buffalo & Ranch Nuts and Turmeric tea (notice a theme?).

Carolyn carries Cocochia, Salt+Vinegar ‘Seeds of Life’ in her nutcase, Zenbunni Chocolate, and Body Dust.

If you need any of these snack supplies (or others), shop our store now.

So, get your EAT. PLAY. ROSÉ on and show us your stuff, snap a photo of your travel snacks @Foodtrainers with the hashtag #eatplayrose for a chance at some free snack swag.

And if you’re over rosé-ing we can Foodstalk you via email starting June 6th. And for more summer newness, take a look at our pretty new website if you haven’t already.

Relax and enjoy!

Lauren and Carolyn


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