November 2001. In nutrition years, it was the peak of Atkins insanity. Carbs were bad, meat was good…surely you remember. For me it was a time in my first pregnancy where I was well past the cute stage. Aside from being larger than normal, I was excited about another first or new beginning in my life- the opening of Foodtrainers.

I had found a location that was equidistant to both the East and West sides of the city, built a website, chosen a logo and just needed clients! Until that time, I had built a nice following at a few locations of a ‘popular chain of gyms’ in Manhattan. The tricky part was that I hoped enough clients would follow me so that I could pay my new rent, and for the baby in my belly, but not so many as to anger the ‘popular chain of gyms.’ And not to sound like the movie Field of Dreams but the clients did come. And the ‘popular chain of gyms’ was a little annoyed but popular enough it didn’t matter too much.
I cherished these first Foodtrainers clients and helped them with their eating but also learned about their families and their jobs and their lives. And these clients told their families and co-workers and friends about Foodtrainers and the business grew in a very organic manner.

And here I am almost 8 years later. I made it past the huge stage in another pregnancy and have 2 beautiful boys to show for it. In terms of nutrition, it’s a very interesting time. Instead of Atkins or South Beach clients are interested in seasonal, quality ingredients. Whole foods are good, chemicals are bad and once again I am excited about another first or new beginning. We have both a new website and a new blog and again I can only hope that the movie is right-”if you build it they will come.”


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