Soft Serve Fruit Co
To me, summer means the sweet local corn, gazpacho, ceviche and the perfect glass of rose’. I realize my list omitted many people’s cool, creamy, summery favorite ice cream. After our frozen yogurt fuss of last summer, we’re not going to mention you know who but there are a few frozen Foodtrainers’ favorites I thought you should know about. They even won this salty tooth over.
Soft Serve Fruit Co
Brittany, our fabulous summer nutrition nerd (aka intern) talked to Chloe Epstein, one of the founders of Soft Serve Fruit Co, to learn more. Chloe said “ I was a big frozen yogurt fan but once I started to think about getting pregnant, my priorities changed. I became more concerned with ingredients rather than just calories.” Speaking of ingredients, Soft Serve Fruit Co has only three: fruit, filtered water and cane sugar. It’s dairy free, vegan, gluten free, kosher and really delicious. With a Union Square location some of the fruits are organic and others local. My favorite flavor was banana with pear as the runner-up. Toppings range from fresh fruit to gluten free cookies and warm natural peanut butter.  The good news if you’re not in New York? Soft serve fruit company ships nation wide.
With my children away (I really think I have mentioned this in most posts since they left, as promised), my husband is a little cranky. Though he is somewhat cranky, unlike his wife, that his playmates kids aren’t around he is more annoyed over the lack of sweets in the house. As a good wife (and tired of his rummaging through the cabinets) I purchased Organic Nectar’s Cashewtopia in pistachio. I didn’t tell him this was dairy free, gluten free and made from cashews (for fear he’d get even more cranky).  Instead, I scooped some into a ramekin and drizzled Newtree’s dark chocolate sauce on top. My husband’s reaction, “what’s with the tiny bowl?” Nice.


I’ve written about Smooze before but feel no frozen dessert post is complete without mentioning these adorable and low calorie treats. Smooze is made with coconut milk.  They come shelf-stable (good for travel treats) and can be frozen later. They are sort of like adult creamsicles with flavors such as passion fruit and mango.

Homemade Ideas

Earlier in the summer, we did a popsicle test kitchen. Those were a lot of fun. I’m also a huge fan of frozen organic red grapes, frozen banana slices and the banana soft serve recipes (link via Choosing Raw) circulating the blogosphere.

Full disclosure, I’m often satisfied with one spoonful of the real deal.  I may have enjoyed a taste of salted caramel ice cream at ABC Kitchen today (they sent Lisa and I out dessert, knowing full well we’re nutritionists).  As I said, I don’t really have a sweet tooth, ha.
What’s been your favorite frozen treat this summer? Your favorite summery food?  Would you choose rose’ over sorbet?


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