Summer seafood is a great option, my son made these!
Recently, I did a segment for CBS on summer eating. Specifically, the topic was how to avoid weight gain on your summer vacation. I’ll spare you the scary stats on “beach bulk”. Around the same time, I read an article in Cooking Light on this same subject. Their advice was something to the effect of don’t worry about your weight too much, when you’re awa,y as that’ll make you binge. Let’s just say I suggest you think about weight a little and not to worry you’ll still have fun.
A little consciousness will lead to confidence.
What to do:
Delay your Play– away for a week? Don’t lobster roll day one, you’ll end up doing it daily.
Tis the season for overfruiting
Overfruiting is a thing…particularly in the summer. My mother asked me this past weekend, “Is pineapple fattening?” My response? Any fruit can cause you to gain weight if you eat too much. I usually say keep fruit to once per day. On vacation, stick to two fruits a day max.
Don’t let your activity fool you.
At the end of the day what you eat is 75% or more of what you weigh. You can bike and hike and still get heavier. By all means, swim, bike and hike while away, just don’t use these leisurely activities as a license to ice cream.
Ditch the Day Drinking
Sumer and, in particular, summer vacations can be boozy. Save the rose’ or tequila for after sundown…ok sundown is late in summer, 5pm?
Dinner Rule: 2 of 4, No More
 Dinner carbs
These are the four areas than can get you into trouble.
Pick 1 or 2 per meal away but not all 4
Keep these 5 tips in mind- share them with your family and friends and you’ll sail through summer vacations unscathed.


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