We’re sure that you have a long attention span, but we don’t. We especially don’t when it comes to what we’re eating. Some might call it fickle, we like “keepin’ it fresh” a little better. If you’re craving some food newness, check out our fall favorites.

Karmalize: Morning Joe 

We consider ourselves almond butter professionals and this might be our favorite almond butter of all time. It’s infused with coffee and even has a little caffeine. We could suggest you mix it in yogurt or spread it on celery but Morning Joedoesn’t need a partner; it just needs a spoon.

We’ll Spill Some Squeeze Secrets

We just finished up our September Squeeze reset weeks. Following their Squeeze, participants felt “in control, lighter and leaner, saner” and more.  Don’t worry, we’ll share a few of the secret weapons our Squeezers found success with.

Ashwagandha: Talk about multipurpose, this herb helps your body manage stress, balances hormones, improves sleep and more. While it’s a must-have, we’ll be honest, it isn’t too tasty. So hide it in a smoothie, blend it with coffee or try it in this healthy nightcap. 

Siete Wraps: The Squeeze was grain free but we didn’t get many complaints because these Siete wraps made from almond flour hit the spot. Fish tacos, anyone?

Vital Protein Collagen: Until it actually feels like fall, collagen is your warm weather bone broth. It’s great for your skin, hair, nails and gut health. This flavor-free powder can be mixed in anything hot or cold.

Karmalize Sunbutter: Another one from Karmalize… if sunflower seeds aren’t on your menu, add them. They’re one of our “belly foods” (they help with belly fat) and are super for selenium, which helps your thyroid do its thing.

If you’re in the mood to Squeeze yourself (not like that!) you can get all of these together in our Squeeze Bundle. *NOTE: supply is limited!

Sunshine In A Bottle: Vitamin D

Image result for pure encapsulations vitamin d3

Pure Encapsulations Vitamin D: in NYC, pretty soon we wont be getting any Vitamin D from the sun. If that’s not depressing enough, less D can mean increased appetite, lower immunity and meh moods.

Fall at Foodtrainers

If you’re feeling little blah heading into fall or need a menu makeover, let us help you. Come in for a session or sign up for our email-based Foodstalking.
We’ll be back with more next month, in the meantime we’re off to Ashwaganda


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