Last week I mentioned to a fellow blogger that I didn’t see myself taking a break from posting while away. She said she was, “even if you post, do you think people will be reading?” She had a good point and the truth is I’m not sure. We’re completely snowed in here in Vermont. If I were on a beach vacation, I’m not sure I’d have my laptop handy to read blogs or write posts. I figured a good compromise was to compile a list of my favorite posts of the year. Why not jump on the year in review bandwagon? As I reread posts from this year, aside from the embarrassing typos what struck me most were the pieces I wanted to include in this list. Some were funny or timely but the sentimental posts were the ones that stood out. Thank you so much for reading this year, maybe you missed some of these:
NPO Forever– I wrote this after hearing about Roger Ebert inability to eat or talk. It made me think about what nourishment and mealtime really means.
OTID– I often hear from people who feel they are doing “all the right things” and still not losing weight. OTID is one of those reasonable, every day things that can change your day and your weight.
Not About Cupcakes– this was one of my first non-nutrition posts. I was emotional and chose to share those emotions on the blog. I’m happy I did as a) not everything is food-related and b) I can now look back and smile.
Potty Talk –There’s only so much talk about eating and ingestion one can do without talking digestion (and doody). 
Pre Beach – A client asked what she can do (in 2 weeks) to maximize beach body potential. We’re not talking long term and sane. My secrets for the short run.
In Fatness and in Health– my reaction to an article on marriage and body weight and my husband’s admission that he would not necessarily love me fat.
Les Enfants– I am anti-chicken finger and believe kids should eat what adults eat. On a family trip to France I learned that there’s a middle road.
Pinkberry Drama– we blogged about Pinkberry, they threated to sue us…it was a wake up call in terms of nutrition information, the power of social media and how companies respond when questioned.
Chicago Marathon- my inspiration then and now.
All About Organics- this post attempts to enlist my readers as organic activists on their own turf. Also, stay tuned for an exciting announcement, taking this to the next level, in January.
 Is it presumptuous to ask if you have any favorite Foodtrainers’ blog posts? I’d love to know what struck a chord with you. Or, if you blog, what are your favorite posts you wrote? I have time on my hands to read them. And any topics you’d like covered in 2011?



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