Ice creams are a lot like classified ads where “low calorie” or “vegan” can be the equivalent to “water view” and “charming”. In both cases you have to taste or see for yourself. We sent out our Monthly Morsels Newsletter “All Things Ice Cream” today.  In the interest of “seeing for ourselves” we’ve taste tested big, small and local brands. I can assure you our selections are healthy and delicious.
Favorite Pops

Luna and Larry’s Naked Coconut Bliss Bars: there’s a simple ingredient list coconut milk, agave, dried coconut and vanilla extract. And if that’s not enough, Luna and Larry’s are giving coupons for free treats to 3 of our readers (see below for details).
We also love Yasso, tasty Greek yogurt pops with six grams of protein and only 70 calories.
Favorite Sorbet

Steve’s is one of our favorite local brands,  leave it to them to come up with a kombucha-flavored sorbet. Steve’s Red Ginger Kombucha was a huge during our taste tests. Even if you dislike kombucha, you’ll love this. Plus, if you’re in the NYC area Steve’s is giving away 5 flavors to a hungry reader.
Our runner up was Sambazon who makes an antioxidant rich acai sorbet.
Favorite Frozen Bites

Remember Dibs? Well how about dairy and gluten free dips. These little Almond Dream bites have 60 calories for four pieces and come in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Perfect for a “little” something sweet.
Favorite Ice Cream Sandwich

If you’ve given up gluten, that doesn’t mean you’ve given up ice cream sandwiches. Julie’s is here for you with a g free, organic ice cream sandwich that will please gluten eaters too. The true test, my children devoured the leftovers I brought home.
Favorite Real Deal

We’d vote a little of the real thing over gallons of faux froyo. For our number 1 we’re returning to Steve’s their cookie dough ice cream somehow left the office before I could take it home to the kids (another good sign). And, it happens to be from Steve’s dairy free/coconut based selections.
If you can’t find Steve’s we loved Trader Joe’s coconut based Strawberry Ice Cream and Ronnybrook Farm’s Ginger flavor.
Favorite New York City Treats

There are so many contestants vying for  #1 in the NYC froyo battle. For the most part, one taste and we’re back to the apartment where you have to stand on a chair and lean at a 45-degree angle to see the water view. Not good. However, despite our froyo issues in the past we’ve found two winners.
Victory Garden– talk about interesting flavors, we fell in love with Herbal. It’s made with flowers and herbs but tastes almost minty. And better yet? No junk allowed in these swirls.
Treat Petite makes frozen kefir. The pomegranate flavor was our office favorite. They’re at 61 Grove Street at 7th Ave S in NYC.
Check back on Wednesday for our Healthy Ice Cream Hall of shame, ingredient red flags and another giveaway. Plus, we’re announcing our Luna and Larry’s and Steve’s winner. Speaking of which to be eligible:

  • Leave us a comment and tell is which giveaway you’d like to be considered for.
  • Or tweet “@Foodtrainers is having a sweet giveaway, free healthy ice cream” about this giveaway
  • Or  tag us on Facebook.
Winners will be announced Friday.
What is your favorite healthy ice cream? Have you tried any of our picks above? Which one has you the most curious?

Taste testing, what we go through for “research”


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