Yesterday was a great day. I finished in the office a little early because I had 2 fun activities planned. At 4:00, I picked my boys up and went to my friend Micheline’s apartment. Four moms gathered, each with our 2 children for an Easter Egg Hunt which was to be outside if not for the rain. The moms munched on crudite and sushi and drank white wine with peach slices (yum) and the kids did arts and crafts and searched for Easter eggs. These are not friends I see every day but we’re all good planners and get together every couple of months at a museum or one of our apartments, with the kids, to catch up. And we catch up and laugh and tell stories; I always look forward to these “play dates”.

I had to leave a little early to get to the second activity. My friend Aidan  was hosting something she called Happier Hour. Happier Hour was aptly named as the guest of honor was Gretchen Rubin the author of the Happiness Project. Gretchen spoke a bit about the book and her blog and made me think about happiness and of course it’s intersection with food and fitness (all of which I will discuss in a later post). I mingled a little and then left with my friend Wendy. I arrived home feeling good and inspired and hungry!

I have an assortment of Food Should Taste Good Chips in my pantry. I have written about these chips before in both Ski Lessons and A Day in the Life of Lauren. I have sampled many of their great flavors and love both the jalapeno and the chocolate (sounds strange but very good). I had never had the Lime. I opened the bag not really expecting anything vastly different than the other varieties. I was so wrong. However elusive and hard to define happiness is, I swear I found it in these chips. There was something about this flavor (and I’m sure the 2+ glasses of wine didn’t hurt) that was interesting and refreshing and so incredibly delicious. I counted out 12 (one serving) and sat down to enjoy them.

In case you’re not familiar with these chips. They are gluten free, lactose free, Kosher and have a good amount of fiber. A serving is 140 calories and was the perfect ending to my day.

Any foods or snacks that make you happy? Do you think food can make you happy? Is this a good thing?


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