As most of you know, we shouldn’t be eating too many processed or packaged foods. Most packaged foods are higher in salt or sugar or simply aren’t as healthy as fresh food sans package. For that reason, few items are listed here as Foodtrainers’ finds. Well every rule has its exception; I have 4 finds to report. Each of these comes in a package but none are heavily processed (I haven’t lost my mind just yet).

Tonnino Jalapeno tuna

 I have written before about Zoe brand tuna in a jar. I was actually purchasing Zoe when I came across Tonnino. Tonnino is delicious tuna with Jalapenos. As a person who adds hot sauce to her salads, this omitted one step from my routine. I would suggest half the jar over greens for a meal. I will warn you that you may, if you are like me, eat the other half straight out of the jar.

Melissa’s Baby Beets

I’m really starting to repeat myself as I’ve written about beets before too. I previously used the Roncal packaged peeled and pre-cooked beets from France. I was thrilled when I discovered Melissa’s makes them as well. These are a staple on my Fresh Direct orders and available on Melissa’s website if you are outside the NY area. Simply cut the bag open and add to salads or chop them up in grain dishes or pilafs.

Monterrey Artichokes

My friend Keri mentioned these to me when we were at the ADA conference back in October. I was at Whole Foods Market on Sunday and spotted them, purchased them and sort of forgot about them. When I arrived home Tuesday, I was on a snack search. There was hummus and of course every type of nut…there were also these artichokes. I poured the pack into a ramekin and devoured them. Minutes later I had that post-artichoke sweetness in my mouth. I could see these in egg dishes or combined with Melissa’s Beets.

Zing Bar Chocolate Coconut

There aren’t many bars I recommend to clients. Personally I am happy with dates or figs most of the time. We have Kookie Karmas and Zings in the office. I have the holistic chocolate chip kookie a couple times a month. I save the bars for when I am on the go. This may change. Yesterday, I tried the new chocolate coconut flavor Zing bar. Oh my. I feel the world is divided into coconut lovers and haters. I am a lover and I am in love. These bars are also wheat free, dairy free and soy free (as I try to be).

Let me know what you think when you try these. My obsessions may not be your obsessions but I have a sense these are keepers.

What are your current food obsessions? Any recent food finds?


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