I know there are people who freeze and defrost effortlessly but I am not an adept freezer. My freezer is like a black hole. When I fear something is not going to be used, I will label and pop it in the freezer. There it will stay until ice crystals form and then it is disposed of. The items that successfully escape freezer life, for the most part, do not require cooking. There’s organic frozen fruit and greens for smoothies, Crop organic cucumber vodka (you’ll recall from a recent blog that vodka lasts forever) and E3 Live. There are also a few select fallback meals that do the trick when time is short or I’m the only one home for dinner. When I am not cooking, I would choose something organic and frozen over take out that’s usually not organic and for all I know may have been frozen.

Evol Bowls you may know Evol from their terrific frozen burritos. As they said this is their first venture “out of the tortilla”.  The bowls are gluten free, fiber and protein packed and tasty. I’d give chicken teriyaki my vote; it’s low in calories yet very satisfying.

Amys Light and Lean Roasted Polenta and Swiss Chard– I’m a polenta lover and always looking to add leafy greens to my diet. This box said “Lauren” written all over it.  I tried this for research purposes but would buy it again for a comfort-food lunch. It’s gluten free and soy free.
Asharay Quinoa Burgers– it’s hard to find a gluten free and soy free veggie burger. These are both and so delicious. They’re made with sweet potatoes and coconut flour. I can’t tell you about the original flavor because I went straight for the chipotle. These are organic, under 200 calories and have less than 200mg of sodium. Since they’re quinoa-licious a bun seems redundant. I love them over greens with avocado and spicy mustard.
Village Harvest Frozen Whole Grains– when it comes to grains “instant” isn’t usually a good thing. With Village Harvest “instant grainification” as they call it is awesome. This line of frozen, cooked grains has everything form red quinoa and brown rice to corn, bean and rice. I enjoy rice a little too much and adore the brown, red and wild rice medley. Pair it with leftover veggies, add a dash of hot sauce (always) or tahini and you’re good to go.
Organic Bistro Alaskan Salmon (and grass fed beef)  I generally don’t find frozen fish enticing. I am spoiled by a great fish market, conveniently located near where I work out (omega 3’s and serotonin, talk about a one, two punch). Other than Vital Choice, this is the only frozen salmon I’d recommend. We were discussing these with a client and Carolyn added “they don’t smell up your apartment so they’re perfect for fish-cooking phobes”. So fish-cooking phobes, you know who you are, Organic Bistro is here for you there’s the Alaskan Salmon with broccoli and wild rice and a delicious though slightly saltier Pesto Salmon.
When it comes to frozen meals look for fewer than 400 calories and less than 500mg of sodium (though many of these have far less).
What are your freezer staples? Do you consider yourself adroit at freezing and defrosting? Are you a fish-cooking phobe?
*Giveaway: Organic Bistro is giving two free meal coupons to one of our readers. To be eligible comment and then tweet @Foodtrainers or like us on Facebook (the salmon is goood). The winner of our chocolate giveaway is Sam from Mom at the Barre, congrats Sam.


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