On Friday I wrote about our first night at Blackberry Farm. The weekend got better and better from there. Friday, I met the boot camp group after they completed a 2-hour bike ride.  As everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch of grilled fish, asparagus, beets, cranberry beans, kale bolts (the word I forgot Friday) and green tea in mason jars I gave a quick talk about my favorite spring foods for training and answered sports nutrition questions. We then hiked 8 miles on the Appalachian Trail back to Blackberry. I met up with my family and heard about their morning of fly fishing (all good until Myles fell in the stream).

The next day was a major step outside our comfort zones as the boys, Marc and I spent the morning horseback riding and the afternoon shooting “clays”.  Our final dinner was in the wine cellar of the barn at Blackberry and included a Strawberry Gazpacho, Swiss Chard stuffed with herbed quinoa and Bison. My closing talk to the group focused on self-compassion.

In the guest rooms we left Foodtrainers’ goody bags (is it goody or goodie, sources seem split) with some of our favorite products.  Want to know what was in the bag?

Eboost a great pre-workout beverage option or as it turns out great pre-hike too.

Barney Butter– the creamiest almond butter around. Their 90-calorie snack packs are now used on Jet Blue flights. Be careful though, airlines may confiscate jars of nut butter (who knew?).

Herbal Water-I’ve written about Herbal Water before. They make both flat and sparkling water in fantastic flavors. The Blackberry boot camp trainees received lemongrass, mint vanilla water.

Food Should Taste Good– I read a great article on Food Should Taste Good founder in Rachael Ray magazine on my flight down to Tennessee. I wish all mini bars stocked these.

Real Bar*- those in boot camp used these for before the final hike of the trip. I love the ingredients and vegan version of this fudgy bar. Most of all, I love the taste. *Beware habit forming

Glow Cookies– these are the best gluten free cookies around.  We included Snickerdoodles in the goody bags. They were all the talk at yoga class the following morning. 

Not bad for turndown snacks, huh?
I cannot thank Blackberry Farm enough for including me, next time I’m signing up for boot camp myself.

When’s the last time you stepped outside your comfort zone and tried a new activity? Have you ever done shooting clays (I quite liked it)? What is your favorite hotel snack or mini bar item?


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