Sometimes you need a snack that’s a little more exciting than almonds and a little more convenient than crudité. That’s where nutrition bars come in. But there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in this category (ahem Qu*$! Bar).

Whether you’re at the airport or Whole Foods, keep your eyes peeled for one of Foodtrainers’ Top 10 Nutrition Bars.

The Best Bars
1. Yes Bar: We look at ingredients first, and for that reason we say YES YES YES. If you haven’t tried the new flavors, you should say Yes too.

2. RX bar: There is a lot of label mumbo jumbo. Our favorite nutrition claim of all is “No B.S.” front and center on RX labels.

3. Perfect Bar: You’ll find some companies have different nutrition facts for different flavors. Our “perfect” perfect bar is the cranberry crunch flavor.

4. Health Warrior Chia Bar: Health Warrior recently came out with new chia protein bars, but we’re married to the mini. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

5. CLIF nut butter filled bar: Finally, CLIF answered our protein prayers by creating a soy-free bar. Even better, they filled it with nut butter!

6. Elemental Superfood Seedbar: This was the most talked about bar at The Fancy Food Show and after sampling, we understand why.

7. Wilde bars: For jerky enthusiasts Wilde Bars provide a paleo, protein boost.

8. Zing Bar: If you’re not hardcore healthy, Zing bars are a great gateway bar. Zing always feels like a sweet treat, without too much sweet.

9. Yawp!: If you love an old school granola bar, try YAWP! They’re like a grown-up, made over Nature’s Valley bar.

10. Go Raw Spirulina bar: You knew we’d have a green bar for you, Go Raw’s sprouted spirulina bar is our green pick.

Sample and then stash bars and snacks in your desk drawer, carry-on, purse/man bag, or glove compartment. 

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