We come bearing great news. We love us some guac (see our snazzy tote bags), tzatziki, salsa and hummus. Typically, we suggest crudités for dipping. And then, typically, we get major eye rolling for that suggestion. But guess what? Chips are back on the menu this summer. We’ve crunched a bunch (and occasionally spit out), checked the nutritionals and… now it’s time to get chippy with it.

Foodtrainers’ Chip List

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Siete Chips:
 made with cassava, these chips are completely grain and corn free, but you’d never know it. Serve with guac and be the hostess with the most-est or BYO Siete and be the best houseguest ever.

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Vegan Rob’s Probiotic Cauliflower Puffs: if you loved, or still love, Cheetos or Pirates Booty (not the best for adult booties, btw), these puffs are calling your name. These are made with cauli, a small amount of probiotics and available in single serve bags.

Artisan Tropic Plantain Strips: for a little taste of something tropical, we love Artisan Tropic plantain chips. These are paleo friendly and pair perfectly with salsa. Also, plantains are a prebiotic food. This means they feed probiotics and improve your gut heath and therefore cravings.

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Rhythm Beet chips: just beet it. Seriously, a whole bag of these beet chips are only 100 cals and 5g of fiber, so it’s okay when you inevitably eat the whole thing. Think of them as the chip version of Halo Top, but healthier.

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Farmhouse Kraut Krisps: chips, with probiotics? No, we’re not dreaming. Farmhouse made this a reality with their delicious Kraut Krisps. Our office favorite is dill pickle flavor for a little salty/sour action.

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Jilz Crackerz Snack Pack: crackers are easy to overdo, which is why we love these tiny snack pack boxes of Jilz, brand new to Foodtrainers and perfect for your purse, clutch, or mouth.

Simple Mills: this cheddar cracker still sells out on the regular. Many clients compare them to Cheez-its… we think you should see for yourself.

The Superfood of the Summer

And if you’re in need of a summer superfood, be sure to grab our new E3Live Blue Majik, aka nature’s prettiest food dye. It’s fantastic for muscle recovery post workout, and to color your morning smoothies, yogurts and even eggs and margaritas a beautiful shade of blue.


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