Happy National Beer Day! Until recently,  I couldn’t care less about beer. I’m allergic to wheat and have always been more of a spirits girl. My husband, on the other hand, is a beer (and Bourbon) guy. Without TMI (he prefers NI or “no information” about him on social media) he is gluten free because of Lyme disease. His Lyme was serious and thankfully he’s much better a year later. I did want to hug his amazing doctor when he suggested a gluten free and sugar free diet.
Back to beer, earlier this month the New York Post ran “Howto Chug Beer Without Getting Chubby”. This article discussed lower calorie beers and my pal Tricia Williams of Food Matters NYC shouted out Greens Gluten free beer.
In the first and last post Marc will likely contribute to this blog, here is  his cheat sheet for gluten free beer and cider. 
This was cut and pasted from his email, I elaborated a little because he likes beer AND brevity:
Our fridge door
  • Best GF beers are Estrella Dam Durra and Omission

*note Estrella (available on Fresh Direct) is controversial and not necessarily safe for celiacs, it contains a tiny amount of gluten. 
  • Greens is very good too,  I had it last night at MSG (Madison Square Garden). Lots of gluten free beers are really bad
Oktoberbest in Vermont
  • Cider: Angry Orchard is the most popular, it’s at many bars but has a ton of sugar. The sugar content was surprising to me when I started drinking cider. Also, it’s not the easiest thing for a guy to order cider when out but I’m over that.Woodchuck from VT, also lots of sugar
  • Citizen Cider is good and some of their ciders are lower in sugar.

Have you tried any gluten free beers? Any favorites? Have you seen more cider?


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