Dallas…I can still hum the theme song to my first, lowbrow TV obsession. More recently, this season’s Bachelorette Jojo (finale tonight) hails from Dallas. There’s the Dallas Cowboys oh and some videotape I recall floating around our house (ahem) when I was growing up. Most places live as stereotypes in your head until you actually visit.
Let’s be clear, we didn’t have plans to visit Dallas. I have good friends from college in Dallas and    my favorite Joanna Czech opened her skincare mecca there but we were supposed to be just passing through the Dallas Fort Worth airport en route to Cabo. As the “friendly skies” would have it our first American Airlines flight left late due to a mechanical issue. And after a 5K, barefoot sprint through the humungous Dallas airport, our second/connecting flight left EARLY. Wait, it gets better. There were no other flights out that day, it was hours before our bags were located oh and did I mention if was Marc’s birthday?
All I can say is it’s a good thing we’re plan B masters. I sent out an SOS to my Dallas crew. Within minutes, I received an annotated list of where to stay, eat, drink and dessert in Dallas. From my guide, I chose the Joule. They said they’d have a room waiting for us and they asked what Marc liked to drink (why don’t all hotels ask this). From the minute we walked into the gorgeous, groovy lobby I knew things would be ok. We were shown to our swanky suite (love the Amex upgrade) and two little bottles of Patron, a carafe of margarita mix, salted glasses and ice greeted us. Cheers to Dallas!
They had him from “Patron”
Some Foodtrainers’ favorites in this mini bar (good way to judge any hotel)
After plugging in our devices to charge, washing up and margarita-ing, we were off.
Our first stop was the Texas Truck Yard. 
The website describes it as an “adult playground” but that tagline, to me, sounds a little…. Anyway, there are food trucks and outdoor bars including one in an Airstream. We relaxed, did a little sampling,the taco truck was our favorite, and moved on.
This should read “eat here” not “eat her” as a Facebook friend surmised
Next up was HG SPLY Company. While the place has a healthy slant, it’s only because of their ingredient consciousness.  Their manifesto says it way better than I can and is worth reading. HG SPLY is in an up and coming area called lower Greenville. When we arrived the rustic, cool restaurant was packed. We happily found two seats at the bar (usually our favorite place to sit). We ordered an Double Under, which is made with beet-infused tequila. It sounds weird but tasted amazing. There was also a green tea gimlet made with matcha. I can’t believe I had to go to Texas for my matcha cocktail. 
We ordered light bites, I was very happy with my tuna poke’. And I was so relieved that Marc liked HG Sply/our taste of Texas so much he was happy we ended up in Dallas for his birthday.
There’s one more Dallas hotspot on our list. A few years ago, Carolyn were “researching” for our annual Feb chocolate newsletter. My friend Marie sent us goodies from Dallas-based Dude Sweet Chocolate.  “Dude” only does dark chocolate and their chocolate salami with marzipan has been my all-time favorite chocolate since first slice. A little buzzed, Marc asked the clerk “is there anything we’re missing or need to try?”  Rest assured, we didn’t miss anything and had a chocolate tasting buffet back at the Joule. Note: whisky truffles may be my new #1.
If you’re wondering (or not on social media) we did make it to Mexico and it was well worth it. But the morals of this story are that a) Dallas is cool and b) plan B can be the best.
Have you been to Dallas? Any stories when Plan B was best? Who will Jojo choose?


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