Expo West is the capstone of natural food shows. Carolyn and I love a challenge and decided we could cover this massive event in one day. Before every one of these expos we make a pact not to oversample. Let’s just say that at 9am, when Carolyn found me, I had gluten free pizza in one hand and bone broth in the other. The treat train had left the station and mild reflux was already setting in. But how can I know whether to recommend something without tasting it?

By midafternoon we had reached our threshold. At this point, we’d jerkey-ed, dark chocolated, posed for the embarrassing photo du jour and walked over 10 miles (20K steps). 
A booth with props? We’re always  in.
We just wanted to be finished. It’s mile 25 of the marathon and the high five supply is exhausted. As we entered an area with newer products, we saw the Fire Cider booth. We know and love the original Fire Cider but as we shuffled by the booth we heard the word unsweetened. Original Fire Cider is sweetened and so not a member of our innermost food circle. Unsweetened? Carolyn and I turned and took a shot. Wow.
If you’re among the uninitiated, Fire Cider is amped up ACV (apple cider vinegar).
There’s ginger, turmeric, habaneros, lemons, here are the ingredients:

It’s good for weight loss and blood sugar; it’s anti-inflammatory and a metabolism booster. And you’ll decide for yourself whether I’m right about this but when I have it I feel a little buzzed (not so bad). I have it first thing in the morning. With ACV I put a Tbsp. in water but with Fire Cider I go straight up. Start with 1 Tbsp., our friend Heather at Fire Cider has it three times a day but we’re still building up our tolerance. In the mean time, try this “secret weapon” shot and let us know what you think.Cheers!
Firecider is giving away 1 bottle of their sensational stuff to 1 of our readers. To be eligible, comment below and tell us why you want to try fire cider AND tweet Need a boost? @Foodtrainers has a @firecider giveaway? OK? Must enter by Friday the 13th.


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