I thought the can’t wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day rule didn’t hold anymore. Sure there may be a few people who got this memo but not many according to Instagram. As I scrolled through my account this weekend, there were swarms of ladies in their stark white jeans. I didn’t wear white jeans this weekend but since it has been some time since I donned my pallid pants, I pulled them off my closet shelves to try them on.
I own three pair of white jeans. I put on the first. I’m sure many women like their jeans snug or form fitting but I’m not one of them. At a store where I shop at they joke that I like everything a size too big. I would say most people like things a size too small. I can guarantee the first pair I slipped (or pulled on with some effort) was the result of boutique peer pressure and I’m pretty sure I have never worn them out. In this Goldilocks of white jeans story the next pair was baggie and probably not the most flattering. And that third pair? It was the best of the three. Nothing needs to be sucked in and yet they would be suitable for going out to dinner.
To tell you the truth I get more excited about a summery dress than something I wear all year round in another color.  But white is de rigueur in summer  (which makes me like it less) so I did a little digging. While many fashion experts claim white doesn’t necessarily make you look heavier, I have multiple sources saying it’s less forgiving. There are a lot of theories about no white after Labor Day/only in summer ranging from white looks better when you are a little tan, white is difficult to keep clean and so with furnaces and fireplaces didn’t make sense. Who knows? All I know is chances are many of you pulled out and pulled on those white jeans this weekend, how’d it go?

Do you own white jeans? Do you use them to see how you feel body-wise? Are white jeans the new skinny jeans? Do you wear white pants all year round?


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