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I suffer from a constant state of “what’s next?”  This even extends to the seasons. I love leaving the office while it’s still light, a good margarita and travel (Croatia-wow); however, you will not find me uttering “last beach day of the season”. Nope, I’m craving a cup of tea, football and cozy sweaters.  I understand you may be sad to see summer go but I’m ok with it. As the Beatles said “You say goodbye and I say hello”.
Maybe I can get you excited for all that fall offers.
Goodbye to weekends away, houseguests and loosey goosey
Hello (Virgo, hand raised) to routine, schedules and some structure which isn’t a bad thing.
Goodbye to watermelon and peaches (not that we can’t get anything, any season but enough already)
Hello to apples, so satisfying and versatile. Ever try to nut butter a peach?
Goodbye “its too hot out” and other excuses
Hello to  crisp morning runs, maybe training for a race
Goodbye to gazpachos and trendy chilled soups.
Hello to chili, lentil soup and other “soups that eat like a meal”
Goodbye to summer squash
Hello winter squash and pumpkin (this one is no contest)
Goodbye to adulterated seafood- lobster rolls and fried clams and other foods that prove summer isn’t really all that healthy
Hello to whole foods: salmon and Brussels sprouts and Whole Foods too if you’ve been out of town.
In our family, goodbye to the dart frog Pirate but
Hello to a puppy hmn…
Goodbye to summer reading (I loved The Interestings, didn’t love Middlesteins) hello to cookbook reading (Wellfed, 50 Shades of Kale others)
Goodbye to the BBQ (those grill marks are carcinogenic, can I sat that now that it’s Sept?) and please let’s say goodbye to the hot dog for a while
Hello to the slow cooker and roasting.
Goodbye to packing your bags
Hello to unpacking the pounds 
Goodbye to skin cancer (I’m knocking wood)
Hello to the Little Book of Thin  now available in preorder, you can say “hello” to this more than once.
Goodbye to “I’ll do it after Labor Day,”
Hello to starting now
And hello to all of you, it’s been a nice blogging break but looking forward to writing, connecting and hearing about your fall plans.
Which “fall” items above are you most excited about? Do you prefer summer or fall? Do you think focusing on “what’s next” is a good thing or a bad thing? Have you ordered your copy of LBT?


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