Tuesday morning, my first client walks into the office. This is someone who manages to exercise and cook despite a demanding job etc. She’s not a slouch by any means. She hands over her food journal with the “not my best” disclaimer. She gets on the scale (we don’t talk numbers at Foodtrainers) and I see she’s down a little. I communicate this and she says, “I don’t get it, it’s not like I’m eating chocolate cake.” And I can confirm there was no chocolate cake on her food log but there were bread crusts and dessert bites and extra cocktails. Which eventually add up to chocolate cake even though we view them differently.

Oddly, a couple sessions later a client describes summery treats and like my other client says “but I’m not downing chocolate cake or anything.” What’s with these chocolate cake references? I’m not sure how this sweet became the posterfood for overindulging but I’ll tell you how that chocolate cake thinking can screw you up. 
We don’t lose weight for what we do not eat. I do not eat bagels or pie or chocolate cake (except mint chocolate cake from Babycakes bakery on my birthday but that’s different) and my weight is stable because cake isn’t really one of my variables. Patting myself on the back for avoiding something that’s not on my radar takes me away from thinking about cheese, chocolate or chips. Those are the foods I have the potential to overdo. For each of us, our body is used to certain baseline behaviors and anything above that usually has us gaining weight. We have to improve upon our “normal” to lose.Going into this weekend think about what trips you up. It’s a great time for #TIDEI (tweet it don’t eat it) @Foodtrainers or give yourself budgets for drinks and treats. Whether it is chocolate cake or cheese try to pick 1 indulgence and keep it to that. 
Happy 4th.


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