We have just the thing to help you shed any lingering winter weight, boost your energy and de-puff. Shimmy into summer this Memorial Day with new tips and tools, feeling great.

Our 7-day (or 14-day for you overachievers) Squeeze program is email based. Participants all over the country check in with us daily. This is open to both newbies and current Foodtrainers’ clients.

What should you expect? Participants from prior Squeeze weeks report their skin, digestion, and mood drastically improves. The average weight loss is 4-6lbs (more for our 2 weekers).

We are down to our final few spots. So if you’re looking for a sign to do something for yourself, this is it!


  • Week 1: May 8th with Carolyn
  • Week 2: May 15th with Lauren


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