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With Memorial Day weekend a week from today, this month’s email focused on some of our favorite “secret weapons” as sometimes the old tricks just don’t do the trick, trust me I know.
Energy Boost

I talked about E3Live a while back but when I think of little extras that really make a difference, this tops the list.  E3Live improves workouts, energizes without making you feel speedy and we’re really excited to have it available. There’s something really fun about doing “shots” at the office, it brings back those Tulane days in a healthy way.
Appetite Suppressant and Legit Fat Burning

Not to worry there’s no dexatrim comeback we’re endorsing. Chia seeds and their tendency to swell in liquid make them a natural appetite suppressant. Cocochia combines chia seed with raw, organic coconut for a perfect yogurt or oatmeal topping. The lauric acid in coconut (one of the “good” saturated fats) improves fat metabolism. Take that muffin top (or as my client called it “brioche”).
Better than Bread

As summer approaches the breadbasket isn’t your friend. It really never has been. These gluten free crisp breads so the trick. Orgrans taste better than some other popular fiber crackers and are a great vehicle for avocado slices, hummus or sunflower butter.

Foodtrainers Favorite Sweetener

If you read this blog regularly you know my opinion of the blue, pink and yellow crap. In most cases, I’d say just opt for less sweet. While maple and honey have their place, in smoothies and drinks NuStevia really does the trick. This brand has done of the stevia aftertaste many people object to.
Bathing suit bundle
If the thought of disrobing has thrown you into a tizzy, we have a solution for that too. We put together a bathing suit bundle and to further subdue anxiety we’re discounting it until Sunday.
Do you have any secret weapons or strategies pre summer? Have you tried any of my favorites mentioned above? Do you have any blue/pink or yellow packets in your life (be honest)?


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