So here’s the deal. At Foodtrainers we love our “secretweapons”. These are those little extras that can give you the wellness or weight loss edge provided YOU HAVE YOUR BASIC BEHAVIORS IN ORDER. Our vetting process goes something like this: We hear about a product/spice/tea etc,

We look at the research that exists and any safety concerns
We personally “test drive”
Then, if we feel something is helpful (for bloat or appetite or fatigue) and there’s some decent research (and no safety concerns) we’re sold. What I’m trying to say is that there are studies on turmeric and matcha and the two secret weapons I’m discussing this week (another tomorrow) but I’m not going to swear on my Boston Terrier that these are double-blind, placebo controlled 5-star, top-shelf, will impress a researcher studies you got it? Don’t email me about sample sizes.
Peppermint Oil
Hopefully the peppermint bark is long gone, for January enter peppermint oil.
There’s some interesting theories about aroma therapy and weight and just smelling peppermint oil throughout the day can reduce your appetite.  A New York Times article said “there’s been a theory around for a number of years that if you saturate your sensory system that you’ll not be as hungry.” Your brain thinks you smelled and therefore ingested something, We go one step further and suggest a drop (some brands are more potent than others) of peppermint oil in water first thing, before eating or in a morning smoothie.
The bulk of the peppermint oil literature focuses on peppermint and GI issues, one study of over 1500 participants found an 83% improvement in distention (flatulence was also reduced, yeehaw). For GI issues take the peppermint oil post meal.
And you can take capsules but the oil gives you the dual purpose of sniffing (ha) or drinking. Reduced appetite, less distended…happy Tuesday.
Young living has provided us with bottles of both peppermint and lavender oil to giveaway. To be eligible leave a comment below and tweet “@foodtrainers is discussing and giving away @younglivingeo on the blog today (you have until 1/10 to enter]

Have you heard of the aromatherapy and weight connection? Do you use essential oils? Do you believe in magic?
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