Not once but twice yesterday I was asked “all your Christmas shopping done?” This question bugs me for a few reasons. First, I was never told holiday shopping was competitive but seems it is, second how do strangers know if I Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanza? And I guess third is the fact that I haven’t really started “holiday” shopping so being reminded of that stresses me out. 

Last week I posted about some selections from our Foodtrainers’ Gift Guide. I have a few personal favorites from the list I couldn’t leave out.  It’s probably no coincidence that two items are things you can do at home and the other two make me smile. Staying home and smiling sounds good to me, anyone else?

For the kombuchaholic on your list, here’s a DIY kit. Part of me is nervous to ferment on my own but I can see saving serious money doing so. Did you know Whole Foods now cards for kombucha? Yup.
Fuck Skinny

I love Catherine Zadeh’s work. She does jewelry for both women and men (the manly bracelets are great gifts).  She’s not only talented but snarky and charitable. She’s donating 15% if you use code LIFE 15 to Cycle for Survival. Skinny is fine but healthy and alive is where it’s at.

There are so many things to worry about I often don’t know where to start. There’s the pulp waste from the juicer and the coffee grinds from the coffee maker. BTTR shared my waste-worry and devised a way to use coffee grinds to make dinner. Talk about resourceful, I’m thinking the kids will like this gift as much as I will. As they say “the gift that keeps on growing”. If mushroom growing sounds up your alley (not those mushrooms people), BTTR is giving one of their kits away.

Carolyn found these “geltdigger” sweaters and I love them. Hanukah starts on the 8th and I’m thinking you need to wear one of these to that party or give it to your favorite geltfiend.

Karlie’s Kookies.
My friend Meg brought these for me at our Sandy fundraiser last week. They’re from Momofuko Milk Bar, gluten free, not too sweet. I love everything about them but the Huffington Post didn’t. They didn’t like that Karlie Kloss, a model accused of being too thin, is producing cookies with the tagline “fashionably wholesome”. It appears they are saying fuck skinny.
Have you jumped into the holiday shopping shark tank? What do you think makes a great gift? What’s the best gift you’ve received recently? Comment for a chance to win Back to the Root’s cool growing kit or tweet us @Foodtrainers. Enter by Monday 12/10.
Congratulations to our gift winners
Erin, you’ll be receive Weelicious
Randi the Sprigs running wallet
Jessica the Foodtrainers Nutcase
Liz, Sam, Cameo, Gina and EA the Dram Hangover Tonic
Cheers to all of you.


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