Dark chocolate is healthy, blah, blah, blah. We know that’s old (but still fantastic) news. No knocks against our long-term loves, Hu Kitchen, Endangered Species + Nibmor, but it’s time for your relationship with chocolate to go to the next level.  We’ve played the field for you and found the most promising prospects. Introducing our Chocolate with Benefits Bundle.

Probiotic Chocolate

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Probiotics meet chocolate and it’s a match made in heaven. Having your daily dose of chocolate combined with a probiotic hit provides a double mood boost. These 8-calorie, little Sunbiotic hearts are the perfect way for you to show yourself a little lovin’ on a daily basis.

Chocolate + Fiber

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The snacks (formerly known as Pure Genius) got a name-makeover, but the Rule Breaker brownies (and blondies) are as dreamy as ever. If what’s on the inside matters most, these are made with chickpea flour, which means they’ll really satisfy you. We’re so won over, we just may scatter these over vanilla Halo Top. If you try this, we suggest a one night stand.

Chocolate + Omega Action

If you think you and walnuts have no future, time to reconsider. Old Dog Ranch Walnut Butter was our highest rated Whipping Week snack. It was described as “cookie dough like”. Now they’ve pulled through for February with a chocolate walnut butter in mini jars. We’re so confident in this combo, we’ll bet you’ll break up with almond butter.

Chocolate + Coconut

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When you love something enough, don’t let it go. That’s how we feel about these Dark Chocolate Caramel + Sea Salt Coconut Butter Cups. If peanut butter cups are like a fleeting, middle school crush, eatingEVOLVED is… evolved and mature.

Chocolate with Benefits Bundle

Grab your Chocolate with Benefits Bundle and show someone (or yourself!) some lovin’. And if you need some extra self-care, show US some love too. Sign up for a Foodstalking week or come on in for a February Foodtraining session. We’d love to help you find that 2017 spark.


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