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Buzzkill, party pooper, sugar police- we’ve heard worse. When you’re in the business of healthy, it comes with the territory. A couple of times per year, we show our treaty sides. Halloween is one of those times.

Even with sweeter snacks, these are still high quality options. No tricks, just treats with our list.

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There’s nothing scary about EatingEVOLVED’s Caramel + sea salt coconut butter cups.  Peanut butter cups are so out. EatingEVOLVED’s salty sweet are SO in. They’re also paleo, vegan and soy free.

Pure Genius Brownies

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Brownies made with beans might sound spooky but you wont even believe your tastebuds. 190 calories per deep chocolate “genius“, these hit the snack spot, holiday or any day.

Pumpkin Spice RxBar

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Forget the sugar bomb latte (do people even do those anymore?), this season it’s all about pumpkin spice protein. These bars are protein-rich and B.S. less (see wrapper above).

Foodmatters x Gummy Bears:

Healthy gummy bears? Check out these cuties from FoodMatters using only 3 ingredients.
  • 2 cups cold-pressed beet-apple juice
  • ½ teaspoon maple syrup (optional)
  • 1/3 cup Great Lakes gelatin

Yields: 24 bears

Bring juice to a boil in a medium saucepan. Stir in maple syrup. Gradually and carefully whisk in gelatin. Allow mix to cool for eight minutes. Pour into gummy bear molds. Refrigerate for at least two hours before removing from molds. Store in refrigerator. (If you don’t have gummy bear molds, you can use any small silicone molds.)

Vital Protein Collagen Beauty Greens

And in case you happen to go overboard on (your kid’s) candy bowl… We’ve got a new Vital Protein Collagen Beauty Greensto undo some of the sugar damage.

Holiday Foodtraining

Need a little extra holiday help? We have pre- and post thanksgiving Foodstalking weeks. We’ll stalk you sane; no holiday weight gain.
Happy (healthy) halloween.


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