Earlier this week (or last week? it’s all starting to blur) I was trolling twitter for interesting links.  Jane Pratt (xojane.com) listed a few topics she wanted her staff to write about. Well I’m not on her staff (but like their content) and clicked through to a One SizeFits All Buzz Feed video on You Tube.
I gather that One Size Fits All Stores are popping up all over. In this video, women of various shapes and sizes try on a few different garments. The obvious conclusion, that doesn’t even require watching this video, is that one size does not fit all. That’s not all that interesting to me but a few things about this 4-minute segment were.
First, while there may not be a universal size, there is a universal feeling when something doesn’t fit us. Whether it’s because of our height or our weight (or just because) when something doesn’t fit it doesn’t feel good. I’m not sure why we don’t blame the clothing more but that would be logical and balanced. This video captures that feeling that we usually experience alone and shares it. Forget about not fitting, I’ve had moments of being physically trapped in dresses and had to contort in weird ways to free myself. Tell me I’m not alone.
Second, these women were awesome. I focused so much more on their comments and the ridiculousness of trying to fit one skirt to all these different bodies than I did on their actual bodies. I found this proof that awesomeness and humor trump weight and size.
And finally, something I live by, “the hoodie is the MVP”. Of all the clothing, the hoodie made everyone feel good (and look good). Well not everyone, the tall, skinny girl felt her torso was too long for the hoodie. But if there’s someone I’m not going to feel badly for it’s the tall and thin girl. Isn’t that fair?

What do you think of one-size fits all? Any dressing room disasters you want to share?  Do you love a hoodie?


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