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Last week, I spent the better part of a day talking about IBS. IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome and there are two types IBS-C and IBS-D. C and D stand for constipation and diarrhea lest you think my work is glamorous. The panel I was on had a GI doctor (who developed the IBS survey yielding the info in the title), a psychologist and me. Oh, and Wendy Williams was the host and moderator.

I’m going to digress for a minute to note that Wendy Williams has lost a lot of weight, like 50 or 75 pounds so I was a little taken aback when she walked into our rehearsal. She made the discussion livelier and played video of people on the Santa Monica pier being interviewed about their bowel habits. 

My big head

Some salient suggestions for GI problems:

Keep a food journal– I know it’s almost required as a nutritionist for me to suggest this. It’s imperative with GI issues in order to determine your personal food triggers.

Some common IBS triggers are fried foods, gluten, sweeteners, chocolate, carbonation and caffeine. However, this is very individual.

Eat fermented foods– not only do these foods (yogurt, fermented cottage cheese, kombucha, kimchi) contain probiotics which can reduce gas and bloating BUT fermentation makes foods more bioavailable and nutritious. Yes, nutrients are produced in the fermentation process.

You should eat fermented foods even if you take a probiotic supplement.

Take vitamin D– there are so many reasons to take vitamin D3 but 82% of people with IBS don’t get enough D.

Beware of your basics– many people come to me with questions about obscure supplements. For constipation, for example, start with getting enough fluids (warm fluids best if binded) and doing vigorous, standing exercise such as running or rebounding. Make sure you’re doing the basic, easy behaviors before getting fancy.

Talk to someone on your healthcare team about GI issues especially if they are impacting your social or work life.

On a personal  “GI” note, I’m a big fan of magnesium, kiwis, cocochia and adore my squatty potty, see- it’s easy to share. Any “pressing” digestion questions?


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