I woke up sore and tired and tweeted about it yesterday.  “Too much July 4th celebrating?” someone replied. Nope, this fatigue didn’t have to do with imbibing or late nights though there were controlled cocktails (delicious white sangria and lime/thyme vodka concoctions). 
We spent the weekend staying with friends at the beach. There were six adults in total, all of us fairly active. Carolyn had recently mentioned the importance of having active friends and I think my friends qualify. Over the course of the 3-day weekend, at various times we:
  • Participated in As 1’s inaugural workout classes at the beach (push ups in the sand anyone?)
  • Rode 60+ miles to Montauk
  • Spun at Soul Cycle’s Springsteen Class
  • Kayaked
  • Tubed
  • Played basketball
  • Swam laps
  • Ran Firecracker 8K race
  • Played Tennis

Granted, we didn’t each do all of these things. However, everyone was doing something daily, if not more.  To some people this may sound exhausting but it was really one of the best weekends. We joked that while all of us had children away at camp (yep, mentioned it again), we were enjoying our own version of camp for grown-ups. So often I hear from clients “I was away and didn’t workout” so I was trying to sort out the keys to being active when staying with friends or when you have houseguests.
Plan in Advance– my friend S., who has a great new blog called My Judy the Foodie (where she’s learning to cook from her mother’s old recipes), sent an email out before we arrived. She gave us the links to sign up for the race or the spin class. She also made it clear none of this was mandatory.
Bring your Equipment- if you’re going to play tennis or ride you need a racket and a bike. We had these things with us. You also need extra changes of clothes if you’re going to be active.  And, if you’re like me. a blow dryer and a flat iron. I cannot tell you how many women do not swim or workout because they didn’t want to mess up their hair.
It Only Takes One Adult to Watch Kids– while I can’t say I was the one,  the other adults took turns watching the kids so that everyone could work out. This watching wasn’t exactly sedentary. Kids can play basketball, ride bikes and swim too.
Utilize All Hours in the Day– my husband and our friend E were up at 5am to get a ride in before “the wives” left for our beach workout beating. As we were getting ready for dinner someone would be in the pool doing laps and another person spinning. Just because a workout doesn’t happen first thing doesn’t mean it cannot happen.
It doesn’t have to be a gym workout but investigate what active options there are where you’ll be away. If you’re traveling with others, chances are someone will join you whether it’s out of genuine enthusiasm or guilt it doesn’t matter. They’ll be happy later for the peer pressure.
Did you workout over the July 4th weekend? What are your secrets of staying active while away? Does adult camp sound fun or horrific to you?


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